Pinback Buttons Make Great Promotional Tools

Pinback buttons were one of the earliest forms of promotional material. In 1978 Gorge Washington supporters wore metal buttons that stated: Long live the president. The first pins that included pictures started in 1861 when Abe Lincoln was running for president.

On the front of the button was a ferrotype of Lincoln. The first massed produced campaign buttons happened in 1896. The materials needed to make a button were inexpensive. The production of buttons was easier and faster than before. Many people remember campaign buttons because of their catchy slogans. A good example of this is the ” I Like Ike” button for the Dwight Eisenhower campaign. 

Pinback buttons are not only for political campaigns. Companies have also benefited from using buttons. Stores gave buttons to help promote certain items. In 1898 famous children’s characters appeared on buttons. These button prizes helped increase the sale of bubblegum and tobacco. In 1945 Kellogg’s put buttons as prizes in boxes of Pep cereal. The pins featured newspaper comic characters and U.S army squadrons. There were 90 in all that people could collect. Pep cereal is one example of marketing buttons as collectibles. 

Benjamin S Whitehead made the first innovation in pinback design. He created a sheet of transparent film over the picture on the button in 1893. The sheet protected the button from scratches and weathering. The sheet helped preserve and make the button last even longer. 

Pinback buttons are still a good marketing tool today. Buttons can look however a company wants them to look. They can include a picture, a catchy slogan, or even the company’s website. Buttons are a cheap product that a company can hand out at an event or a trade show. Buttons make great gifts for a company to send out or use as

4 trendy joggers that every college guy should own

Joggers are the best piece of garment that has ever been made by the apparel manufacturing companies of the history. They are useful and help you to get fit when you want them to, and they let you laze away the day in bed if you want them to.

With the trend of stylizing all sportswear and blurring the line between fashion apparels and athletic ones, it has become even easier for the jogger lovers and for college students as well. Joggers now can be worn with casual or even semi-casual clothing. Teamed up with a nice shirt or t-shirt, and a pair of stylish trainers, jogger pants are a better option for many. Which means, the tiresome day of getting into heavy clothes and getting ready for college are gone. Especially in the summer, with all the heat and sweat, it is a heavenly feeling to be able to ditch usual trousers and denims and slip into a pair of joggers for the day.

Here are 4 trendy joggers which every guy should own for all such purposes:


  • Twill and tapered joggers


Twill is the most commonly used material for fashionable joggers. They can come in basic warm colors like black, brown, maroon, navy, dark green or lighter ones like beige, white, grey. They make the most comfortable cotton bottom wear to college or tuition. Whether you want to hit the basketball court afterwards or get a cup of coffee with friends, it works both ways. A slight taper near the ankles makes the pair looks even more stylish. Since the joggers will have a muted shade, you can pair them up with white sneakers or neon ones and throw in a colorful semi-casual shirt or t-shirt above.


  • The drop crotch joggers


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