4 trendy joggers that every college guy should own

Joggers are the best piece of garment that has ever been made by the apparel manufacturing companies of the history. They are useful and help you to get fit when you want them to, and they let you laze away the day in bed if you want them to.

With the trend of stylizing all sportswear and blurring the line between fashion apparels and athletic ones, it has become even easier for the jogger lovers and for college students as well. Joggers now can be worn with casual or even semi-casual clothing. Teamed up with a nice shirt or t-shirt, and a pair of stylish trainers, jogger pants are a better option for many. Which means, the tiresome day of getting into heavy clothes and getting ready for college are gone. Especially in the summer, with all the heat and sweat, it is a heavenly feeling to be able to ditch usual trousers and denims and slip into a pair of joggers for the day.

Here are 4 trendy joggers which every guy should own for all such purposes:


  • Twill and tapered joggers


Twill is the most commonly used material for fashionable joggers. They can come in basic warm colors like black, brown, maroon, navy, dark green or lighter ones like beige, white, grey. They make the most comfortable cotton bottom wear to college or tuition. Whether you want to hit the basketball court afterwards or get a cup of coffee with friends, it works both ways. A slight taper near the ankles makes the pair looks even more stylish. Since the joggers will have a muted shade, you can pair them up with white sneakers or neon ones and throw in a colorful semi-casual shirt or t-shirt above.


  • The drop crotch joggers


Mostly associated with the hip-hop style, the drop crotch joggers work even if you are not rapping around in your college campus. Being loose in the crotch area and the upper thighs, they are very breathable as a trouser, and also look super stylish, especially if they taper down the leg, hugging your calves. Pair them with an ankle-high boot for a great, rugged look.


  • Chinos jogger


You have seen your parents wear chinos pants to office all your life. So why not take an inspiration for them and wear them to college as well? But you can style them up in your own way by getting a chinos jogger instead of regular fit trousers. They are super comfortable because of the material, and very much in vogue, because of the jogger style of it.


  • Cargo joggers


A more comfortable version of the cargo pants, cargo joggers come cuffed at the ankles in a very cool, biker-style manner, but a comfortable and breezy fit up the leg. You can get them in army prints, or other typical cargo styles. To nail the style, make sure there are pockets hanging from the pants near the knees and calves, and pair the joggers with colorful canvas shoes. Instead of going the usual style of print, you can find yourself a denim cargo jogger as well. It will have the appeal of denim, but the comfort of a jogger.

Any sportswear company has joggers in their product line. It has to be one of the most popular products of any brand. As said before, ever since they got fashionable, young people who don’t go running or do not hit the gym are also becoming a customer of joggers for the college on weekdays Saturdays and Sundays at home.