5 Ways Women Can Look More Polished At Work


The topic of what a woman should wear to work seems verboten. After all, women already have enough trouble with people telling them what to do. While a woman’s clothes may seem like a silly topic, it’s also a topic that could mean the difference between a female employee getting a promotion at work or not.

Let’s take an example of a woman who likes to wear revealing clothes at work. According to research done by experts at Psychology of Women Quarterly, women who wear revealing attire at their place of employment are seen by their peers as less skilled at their jobs. These women then become more likely to get passed over for promotions by more modestly dressed colleagues.

There is no one right way to dress. The only way that you should dress for work every day is in a way that best expresses your personal brand. You wouldn’t let your professional knowledge atrophy for years and years. Don’t let your work wardrobe do the same.

While many women pride themselves on being shopaholics, many others could do without sessions of retail therapy. But in this economy, it’s unwise to let scuffed shoes and an out-of-date dress keep you from meeting your professional goals. This article will reveal some ways that you can look a bit more professional and polished at work. Once you’re finished reading this article, you can then go on over to Chesca Direct, where they feature an exquisite array of options for the work wardrobes of plus-sized women.

  1. Dress For The Job You Want, Not The Job You Have: This is as true today as when your mother said it to you years ago. To see how you should dress at work, look at the clothing of the executives. When you get promoted, you have to update your wardrobe to match your new position.
  2. Always Keep A Blazer Around: A great blazer can dress up any outfit. It’s a good idea to keep one around your office in the case of a work fashion emergency.
  3. Younger Women Should Dress Conservatively: Younger women who haven’t established themselves in their careers should go a bit more classic in their dress. As you gain more authority in the workplace, you can add more flashes of style and flair to your work clothes.
  4. If It’s Related to Work, It’s Work: That means you should dress in your work clothes when you travel for business, go on retreats for business purposes, or attend parties or happy hours run by your employer. In any work-related event, you will need to dress appropriately.

Dress For Your Audience: As a professional woman, you will constantly find yourself enmeshed in different types of gatherings. You will always want to dress for the audience of which you will be a part. If you don’t know what the audience will be like, then go in a more formal direction.