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Choosing a Web Host Web hosting is a famous job nowadays. Most of the people who engage in web hosting do it for business purposes. To provide a better understanding of what web hosting all about let us define it. What is web hosting? The main point of web hosting is to provide services for people who likes to share or promote their work through a web page that will be posted on the Internet. A web host is an agency that provide the web hosting services through providing the essential equipment to start up a web page online. Since web hosts are skilled and knowledgeable experts in their work, they surely know what they have to do for you. Web pages or websites are stored in servers (special computers).
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To view a website, all you have to do is to open a browser and type the address of the website. The computer will then direct the user to the website’s server and the website will accessed through the browser. A lot of web hosting companies will look for your personal domain but if you don’t have one they will help you purchase.
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Kinds of Web Hosting To be certain of the web hosting service you will sign up for, there are a couple of things that needs to considered. And one of those is the kind of web hosting service. Besides the type of web hosting service, the type of server, the budget, and the services that a web host can offer are also important. The available choices of web hosting services are: Web page builders This type of web hosting service is for website host beginners who lack the required skills necessary for making a website. Website builders provide service that enables Internet users to construct a website through an online interface that can be accessed in browsers. Also, they host the website without any further methods. Shared Hosting As the name suggests, this type of web hosting service involves the sharing of a single server within two or more website owners. Shared hosting is proven to be more budget-friendly since the owners will divide the cost and pay them separately. And because they work in a single server, of course the physical server and software applications are also shared. But of course, there are several disadvantages such as a slower server. Collocated Hosting This type of web service hosting involves the website owners purchasing their own server and having it stored by web hosts. But despite that, the website owners are still the ones responsible for their servers. In actuality, website owners can have full control over the server making it an advantage for them. This allows website owners to do whatever they want with the server. Dedicated Hosting In contrast to Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting allows website owners to have the entire server all for themselves. This permits a faster performance since you don’t have to share with anyone. But as expected, all the cost for operating the server will be payed by only you.