Ten insanely cool ways for men to wear Tshirts

A t shirt might be a casual piece of clothing, but it certainly can make a style statement if worn in different stylish ways. If till today you just thought that a t shirt is all about teaming it up with a cool pair of jeans, then you have been living under a rock. There is so much you can do with just a t-shirt can transform yourself into a fashion junkie.

Here are some uber cool ways in which you can carry off your T-shirt and make a style statement:

1. Tee+Open Shirt+Jeans

Layering has become a trend these days and what is better than combining your favourite t-shirt with an open denim or chequered shirt along with jeans and sneakers. The entire look of this assembly is relaxed and cool, certainly perfect for summer months.

2. Tucked tee+Trousers

Take up a crew neck t-shirt and tuck in it slim-fit trousers. Complete the look with sneakers and neutral colored worker’s jacket. Tapered trousers would also work well for this look if you are not up for relaxed fit ones.

3. Tee+Selvedge Jeans

Pick up an oversized tee and wear it with a pair of selvedge jeans if you are …

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Top Salwar Kameez Varieties Women Swear By

Salwar kameez is something an Indian woman swears by. If not regularly, women in India love to show up in salwar kameez on important occasions like weddings and parties. If you are not a salwar kameez person but love this traditional wear, then below are some of the most popular salwar kameez varieties that you can try out-

1. The churidar variety– The churidar is basically a bottom wear. And because the bottom of these pants gets folded upon wearing, a stacked-bangle like pattern appears around the ankle area. And that is why these pants are called churidars; ‘Chudi’ in Hindi means bangles. So, when a salwar kameez set comes with a churidar salwar, it is called a churidar salwar kameez. This is quite a popular variety of salwar suits, and women across India fondly wear it. Although newer styles have begun to take over this variety of salwar kameez, it still has its charm intact. What we love about this variety is that it is extremely feminine, and makes a woman look more elegant than ever. If you are looking for some good churidars, you can always visit acchajee.com.

2. The charming Anarkali– Anarkali salwar suits …

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Valentine’s Day gives a chance to express, gifts become the way

Remember, all those times when the words came up to the lips and took a U-turn because of hesitation or not finding it necessary enough to say? Well, why not take this day of love to do it right as the universe give a love story to every beating heart. With Valentine’s Day gifts delivery, say the unsaid and express it with a token that your partner can treasure forever.

Feelings and emotions need a way of expression and these gifts become a way to communicate it well. The choice could be from the traditional ones of rose bouquets, chocolates, and teddies or the fresh ones from the personalized section but, the meaning is all that matters. Lovers have waited for enough for the right time and the appropriate way. This day, once a year opens the gate to write those perfect happy endings and best romantic novels with gifts that just make it a lot easier.

Exclusive Valentine gifts

Valentine’s Day has come a long way over all these years as gifts have shifted from flowers, chocolates, and teddies to be much more personal and thoughtful. Couples look for items that are much more relatable and spend hours …

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Sunglasses Face Shape Guide

Have you ever wondered why some people can get away with wearing certain types of sunglasses, and others seem to struggle to find anything? You might think of yourself in either of those camps, either you seem to look good in anything, or nothing! The latter can certainly be frustrating, especially if there is a certain model of brand that you love.

Unfortunately, the answer might be that they just don’t suit your face shape, and short of drastic weight loss or surgery, there’s not a lot you can do about that (and we don’t recommend either for the sake of a pair of sunglasses!) So, what types suit what faces? Well, you can find out below with our handy guide:

This face shape has a balanced proportional length and width with softer angles and slightly wider, full cheeks, with equally wide forehead and jaw.
Look for angular frames to provide greater definition to the curved angles of your face and to make it appear slimmer and longer.  Good examples are square angular frames, such as Wayfarers or Cat eye Shape.

Best examples are: Cat eye, Rectangular, Wayfarer.
Best to avoid: round frames, since they tend to

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Tips On Choosing the Right Shoes

Sports activity is one of the healthy lifestyle that needs to be applied everyday. To get maximum benefit and prevent injury, it takes the right sports shoes.

The error of choosing a shoe that causes a mismatch with sports activities can lead to a variety of complaints. Starting from blisters, shin splints, pain in the achilles tendon at the back of the foot (achilles tendonitis), back pain, knee pain, and hip pain.

According to the needs

Sports performed three or more times per week, requiring special shoes. There are several categories of sports shoes, ie walking shoes, running shoes, and sports field shoes. In addition there are shoes for outdoor sports and other special sports activities.

Here are the most common sports shoes to use, among others:

Tips on Buying Shoes

Before deciding to buy sports shoes, consider the following:

– When buying shoes by online, buy shoes at a reliable/trusted store like sepatu laki laki. These stores usually have staff already trained on shoes that suit your needs.

– Buy shoes at the max foot size, ie late in the evening or shortly after you exercise.
Do not believe the assumption of shoes will be more comfortable after …

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Send flowers to Japan and celebrate September flower season with elegance

Keeping your gardens looking colorful and attractive is, of course, a matter of hard work and consistent efforts. But the fact is, we rarely consider those flowers which can help us maintain the beauty and elegance of our homes and gardens. The problem becomes more complicated when our dear ones love colorful seasonal flowers, but they are living out of your reach in some another country like Japan. Therefore, to celebrate the beauty of September season with dear ones residing in Japan, you just need to choose some top September’s blossoms and prefer to send flowers to Japan with customized messages. They can only cherish their homes and gardens elegantly.

Consider late summer Japanese anemone bouquet when you send flowers to Japan:

This is the most favorite scent of people living in Japan. This herb is also known as the late summer & autumn flower. Its delicate pink and white blooms look so elegant when it’s all the five petals dropped. Another most lovely thing about these tall stems of flowers is there awesome bobble-style yellow stamen on its top. This unusual perennial mostly prefers moist conditions, but they also grow in different Japanese gardens. So choosing such bouquet for …

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8 Healthy and Delicious Snacks You Must Eat Every Day

Have you ever felt hungry by mid-day but you do not want to feel guilty so you will not eat again until dinner time comes? Now you do not have to feel guilty anymore. Snacking is not a problem as long as it is healthy. Eat one of the eight healthy and tasty snacks below. You can eat healthy snacks every day, you should eat every day.
1. Edamame
Do you want to keep your strength steady? If your answer is yes, then you should eat edamame, the green beans that taste good and this funny shape. You can eat with the original flavor, but if you do not like it, sprinkle the salt on it. The salt will seep into edamame, and it will taste a little salty.
2. Protein Biscuit
Protein biscuit is enough to make full. Always bring some packets wherever you go. When hunger strikes, open some packets and enjoy, now you can easily buy biscuit by online without having to go out.
3. Banana
Banana is practical to carry and eat. You can put the banana in your pocket and you take it everywhere. If you’re hungry, eat one or two bananas, and you’ll soon …

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