The best ways to roll up your shirt sleeves

A classic or modern long-sleeved shirt is great to wear in business and formal situations, as well as for keeping warm. However, there might be situations when you need to roll up those sleeves. Here we’ll look at why sleeve-rolling is popular and the ways in which to do it effectively.

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Roll up and get ready

Long-sleeved shirts can get shortened for any number of reasons. It could be a warm day and you need more fresh air on your forearms in order to keep cool. You could be in a situation where there’s a risk of getting the cuffs dirty, which means more work at the laundry. Perhaps you’re looking for a more informal look to feel more comfortable in a certain situation.

Slip on any of your good-looking Farah Shirts and let’s take a look at the way to roll up those sleeves while maintaining a slick, well-groomed look.

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The how-to on roll-ups

There are three main ways to turn up shirt sleeves.

First, there’s the classic turn-up, where the cuff and gauntlets are unbuttoned. Turn the cuff back so that it’s inside out and keep on rolling, using the cuff to set the width of your turn-up. Usually, if you’re taking part in physical labour, the sleeve can be rolled all the way past the elbow to keep the sleeve out of the way, but it usually stops before the elbow.

Second, there’s the casual forearm roll. Follow the same steps as the classic turn-up, but only fold back the sleeve once more after the initial roll of the cuff. Tuck in the ends of the cuff to make it look neat.

Finally, there’s the more showy master roll. Begin as above, but this time take the cuff back to the elbow so

How to Select A Mascara for Your Lashes

What is your favorite mascara? Perhaps, you’ve fallen into the pattern of applying the same mascara you’ve used since high school simply because it’s convenient or it’s a habit.

Women get trapped in those beauty patterns and simply avoid changing to a new mascara that just might create those thick and fabulous fluttering lashes that they desire. The fact is that you have to apply the right type of mascara to get those gorgeous lashes. Here is the secret to beautiful lashes. It all begins with the size and shape of the wand. Check out this site for great selections. 

Go Big 

Are bigger mascara wands really better than their smaller counterparts? According, to beauty insiders, the size of the mascara wand really does count more than you imagine. If you are the type of woman that prefers big and bold eyelashes, this is your choice. A larger mascara wand has a larger brushing area. Thus, placing more mascara on the lashes with each stroke of the mascara wand. This builds extra volume and instantly makes even the thinnest lashes look very voluptuous. Great for the woman that prefers a more dramatic look. 

Tall And Thin 

Fashion models are not the only beauties that are tall and thin. Today, the beauty industry provided mascara lovers with plenty of alternatives. One alternative is the skinny mascara wand. The skinny mascara wand is long and skinny, and it has a very special purpose. The long and skinny wand is designed to easily glide from the bottom of the lash to the top of the lash, leaving a light touch of mascara. This type of wand lengthens the lashes but leaves them looking very natural. This is the perfect mascara wand for the woman that enjoys a more natural look. 

Curvy Wands

Five Reasons to Buy a Luxury Wristwatch

The ‘Billionaire’ watch made by The Jacob & Co. has an $18 million price tag. It is one of the most expensive watches sold today. This brilliant watch has an astounding 280-carats of emerald-cut diamonds that sparkle on the wrist.

There are many other watches that share the luxe -and price tag- as the Billionaire. Although spending this type of money on a wristwatch may not be in your budget, it is still ideal to reward yourself with a nice luxury piece. 

You can easily find a plethora of luxury wristwatches in all price ranges so no matter your budget, there is an option or two to choose from. Both men and women will find luxury watches to accessorize their outfit with. If you’re not already the owner of a beautiful luxury watch, here’s five reasons that it is time to change that and browse the immaculate watch selection to find one to call your own. 

1- Bragging Rights 

Whether we like to admit it or not, bragging is fun, and sometimes it is even okay to brag. What is better than showing off amongst the friends when there is something to be proud of owning? You can buy a luxury watch and impress all of your friends. It is just that easy to become the center of attention in your crew! 

2- Turn Heads 

If you want to make an impression, wear a luxury watch! The name alone is attractive and with the right piece, your entire look is completed, and heads will turn. It is easy to become the center of attention when there is a great watch on your wrist. 

3- More Than Aesthetics 

Wristwatches look good on your wrist. They enhance any outfit and bring attention your way when it is time to make an impression.

You Were Designed Unique, Your Clothing Should Be Too

A suit is an item of clothing that speaks volumes about a man’s style and taste. It can reveal his favorite color, whether he is more traditional or a casual, as well as make him stand out in a sea of cookie cutter suit designs.

Called made to measure or custom made, custom suits are articles of clothing, typically suits and sport coats, that are cut and designed to fit the person’s individual specific body measurements. Once measurements are recorded, a base pattern is selected that best align with taken measurements and altered. to an exact fit. Although more extensive than ready to wear off the rack suits, with prices bring around 15% higher than made to order garments, made to order items feature an array of benefits to those who have the desire to step into this couture fashion. Benefits include having a suit or garment that is especially designed with every aspect of the customer’s body in mind, including height, weight, and other details. The customer also has the opportunity to customize the garment, selecting colors, patterns, and designs that best represent the client’s fashion interests. 

Once choices are made, custom made items can take a few weeks to construct and delivered. Unlike garments that are purchased in stores without any communication with the designer, clients who purchase made to order items have firsthand interactions with designers who also have the ability to travel to clients who maybe international. This personal interaction allows for clients to select from an array of quality materials, something that is not always expected when purchasing items directly from stores. To save on the costs associated with making suits and other corporate items, some manufactures select poor quality materials, something that is out of the hands of those who purchase the items.

Pinback Buttons Make Great Promotional Tools

Pinback buttons were one of the earliest forms of promotional material. In 1978 Gorge Washington supporters wore metal buttons that stated: Long live the president. The first pins that included pictures started in 1861 when Abe Lincoln was running for president.

On the front of the button was a ferrotype of Lincoln. The first massed produced campaign buttons happened in 1896. The materials needed to make a button were inexpensive. The production of buttons was easier and faster than before. Many people remember campaign buttons because of their catchy slogans. A good example of this is the ” I Like Ike” button for the Dwight Eisenhower campaign. 

Pinback buttons are not only for political campaigns. Companies have also benefited from using buttons. Stores gave buttons to help promote certain items. In 1898 famous children’s characters appeared on buttons. These button prizes helped increase the sale of bubblegum and tobacco. In 1945 Kellogg’s put buttons as prizes in boxes of Pep cereal. The pins featured newspaper comic characters and U.S army squadrons. There were 90 in all that people could collect. Pep cereal is one example of marketing buttons as collectibles. 

Benjamin S Whitehead made the first innovation in pinback design. He created a sheet of transparent film over the picture on the button in 1893. The sheet protected the button from scratches and weathering. The sheet helped preserve and make the button last even longer. 

Pinback buttons are still a good marketing tool today. Buttons can look however a company wants them to look. They can include a picture, a catchy slogan, or even the company’s website. Buttons are a cheap product that a company can hand out at an event or a trade show. Buttons make great gifts for a company to send out or use as

4 trendy joggers that every college guy should own

Joggers are the best piece of garment that has ever been made by the apparel manufacturing companies of the history. They are useful and help you to get fit when you want them to, and they let you laze away the day in bed if you want them to.

With the trend of stylizing all sportswear and blurring the line between fashion apparels and athletic ones, it has become even easier for the jogger lovers and for college students as well. Joggers now can be worn with casual or even semi-casual clothing. Teamed up with a nice shirt or t-shirt, and a pair of stylish trainers, jogger pants are a better option for many. Which means, the tiresome day of getting into heavy clothes and getting ready for college are gone. Especially in the summer, with all the heat and sweat, it is a heavenly feeling to be able to ditch usual trousers and denims and slip into a pair of joggers for the day.

Here are 4 trendy joggers which every guy should own for all such purposes:


  • Twill and tapered joggers


Twill is the most commonly used material for fashionable joggers. They can come in basic warm colors like black, brown, maroon, navy, dark green or lighter ones like beige, white, grey. They make the most comfortable cotton bottom wear to college or tuition. Whether you want to hit the basketball court afterwards or get a cup of coffee with friends, it works both ways. A slight taper near the ankles makes the pair looks even more stylish. Since the joggers will have a muted shade, you can pair them up with white sneakers or neon ones and throw in a colorful semi-casual shirt or t-shirt above.


  • The drop crotch joggers


Mostly associated with

Staying in Style for the Workplace

The one thing in life that changes often is fashion since styles change every season. In order to stay in style for work, school or events it can be expensive. There is one-way people have found to save on this expense is coupons because waiting for a sale will mean the style is often on its way out of fashion and some new style coming out.

The other thing that has changed is the way people are finding coupons for shopping even at fashion retailers in a different way. 

The Internet

The Internet has changed the way people get coupons and without searching for them in many cases. Instead they can be brought right to the person’s email account to alert them the retailer they are looking for coupons is available. Prior to this the person looking for coupons had to buy newspapers and hope they would find a coupon for the store they wanted to shop. Then when coupons began appearing on the Internet and even today there may be coupons that don’t actually work. This means using a site that is reliable in putting only valid coupons on their site to be certain it will be valid. This has also changed the way people look at coupons for all types of shopping including at fashion retailers since in the past the only place most people would use coupons was in the grocery store.

The best part is it is virtual coupon clipping so it means no getting a newspaper to scour the advertisements in search of coupons. Now consumers can just print them out and go shopping. Instead it is easy today to find coupons at Groupon where there will be no question of them being valid. 

The Benefits of Using Coupons

The benefits of using coupons are