Funeral flower etiquettes; 3 reasons to send flowers to Philippines from Dubai to share condolences

I think it is not at all an easy thing to provide comfort to your close friend or relative, and even an associate who has recently lost their dearest one. There are lots of people who find it very hard to express their emotions and feelings in the words at the time of loss. So I think sending beautiful flowers is one of the basic things that everyone should consider doing. And most of all if you are working in the Philippines and your relatives are living in another part of the world like in Dubai. So then the most purposeful thought is to send flowers to Philippines from Dubai to share the condolence. And make them feel they are not alone in this world, you are always there to help and support them in every thick & thin.

Reasons to send flowers to the Philippines for bereaved ones:

If we see the things in the traditional manner, then we’ll come to know that the flower arrangements are usually sent to all the funeral places, church, or sometimes chapel to be shown during the people visit and the service. But when you want to send them personally to your loved one, then you should choose the suitable floral arrangement and can even take the help of professionals. They would help you send flowers to the Philippines in an easy way. It is still a perfect way to share your sorrow and grief to the one who needs your shoulder to cry. Here are three more reasons why:

  • Flowers always celebrate someone’s life, give them the support and offer the comfort of living.
  • Flowers send that sentimental message that looks little personal and also helps in the grieving period.
  • When we send flowers as the expression of care and sympathy to our bereaved family member or close friend, then we are offering him the support to live hopefully and peacefully during this difficult period, especially in the situations when they are all alone in the country.

Never forget to choose the appropriate arrangement when you send flowers online

Flowers look appropriate choice even if your service is fully non-traditional. You can choose some smaller-sized or medium sized floral arrangements or even different flowering plants that would be most adored and appreciated since the family member will also be able to keep those flowers and can decorate them in their gardens.

Send a card acknowledging their loss!

When someone in your circle has lost their loved one, then I think you should immediately choose a sympathy card which may acknowledge their unbearable loss. And then after a couple of weeks, after all this activity and the stress of funeral got subsided, you can prefer to send flowers online to their home. You can even include a motivational message that says “I am always thinking of you and I’ll be there in your hard times.” You will get much surprised how truly appreciated the flowers and the message would be.

Since all these funeral customs greatly tributes and vary from country to country, so it’s better to get your florist’s recommendations what is more appropriate to send.