How to Select A Mascara for Your Lashes

What is your favorite mascara? Perhaps, you’ve fallen into the pattern of applying the same mascara you’ve used since high school simply because it’s convenient or it’s a habit.

Women get trapped in those beauty patterns and simply avoid changing to a new mascara that just might create those thick and fabulous fluttering lashes that they desire. The fact is that you have to apply the right type of mascara to get those gorgeous lashes. Here is the secret to beautiful lashes. It all begins with the size and shape of the wand. Check out this site for great selections. 

Go Big 

Are bigger mascara wands really better than their smaller counterparts? According, to beauty insiders, the size of the mascara wand really does count more than you imagine. If you are the type of woman that prefers big and bold eyelashes, this is your choice. A larger mascara wand has a larger brushing area. Thus, placing more mascara on the lashes with each stroke of the mascara wand. This builds extra volume and instantly makes even the thinnest lashes look very voluptuous. Great for the woman that prefers a more dramatic look. 

Tall And Thin 

Fashion models are not the only beauties that are tall and thin. Today, the beauty industry provided mascara lovers with plenty of alternatives. One alternative is the skinny mascara wand. The skinny mascara wand is long and skinny, and it has a very special purpose. The long and skinny wand is designed to easily glide from the bottom of the lash to the top of the lash, leaving a light touch of mascara. This type of wand lengthens the lashes but leaves them looking very natural. This is the perfect mascara wand for the woman that enjoys a more natural look. 

Curvy Wands 

Curvy wands are not new. The wands have received an enormous amount of positive attention because of their unique shape and their ability to grab thin eyelashes and hug them close to the wand, creating a very thick mascara coating that clings to each and every lash. The curved mascara wand is designed for the woman with lashes that droop and are difficult to grab and lift upwards. 

Tapered Ends 

The tapered mascara wand is an ideal for building maximum volume to the bottom lashes. Here is how it works. The mascara wand delivers maximum punch at the baseline of the lashes and thins out at the top. Thus, making lashes appear very full at the bottom and fluttery at the end. 

Pointy Wands 

Pointy wands are perfect for the woman that would like to reduce the number of beauty items used daily. The pointy wand allows the user to apply mascara naturally and apply just an extra bit to different sections of the eyelash baseline with the tip. 

Are you looking for just the right mascara to create fabulous lashes? Certainly, the secret to creating the lashes desired begins with the wand. The tips included here break it down for you.