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Six Reasons to Apply Beard Oil

These days, the number of beard oil ads on the net keeps increasing. Also, many men are looking for beard oils, but do you really know what these oils do to your beard? Here are 6 reasons to use beard oil.

Moisturizes skin below the beard

Beard oil helps moisturize the skin below the beard, keeping it shiny, soft and smooth. If you’ve kept your beard for a while, you may have noticed the skin under it getting dry, red and even a little flaky. Beard oil gets into skin pores, revitalizing the skin as well as hair follicle.

Makes beard smell good

The scent of beard oil is derived from essential oils. Beard oil is just like a natural cologne, with scents from lavender, cedar wood and sandalwood. Each time you use beard oil, you step out smelling fresh.

Makes your beard and skin healthy

Most beard oils consist of vitamin E, which is essential for skin care as well as healthy hair. Beard oils also have vital ingredients such as vitamin D and A, as well as concentrations of oleic and linoleic acids, which contribute to general healthy beard growth.

Prevents the tangling of beard

As beard grows long, it can get tangled for some people. This makes the whole look messy and makes it hard for beard to grow long. Regular use of beard oil makes beard soft and straight, so you won’t scratch your dry beard any more and your partner will stop complaining about it.

Prevents nasty itchiness

Even as your beard grows long, the naturally secreted sebum oil remains constant. Due to inadequate amounts of sebum oil, the skin dries out and gets itchy. Thus, beard oil is vital for getting rid of that horrible itch and supplementing nourishment.

Boosts your confidence

Finally, applying beard oil will leave you feeling nice about yourself and will increase your confidence to tackle life on a daily basis, as nothing compares to smelling and looking nice.

To apply beard oil, just apply a little as it goes a long way. You can apply more if it is a dry season. The right time to apply beard oil is straight after washing your face or showering. By this time, the pores and hair follicles are open to absorb the oil easily. Begin down at your skin, going up the hair. Be sure to do this daily. For longer beard, use a comb as it can work well.

As for which beard oil to buy, they’re all used for basically the same thing and come with different scents as well as slightly different mixtures of oils. Primordial Beard Oil’s a top beard oil made in oak barrels. Buy a bottle today and start applying.
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