Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Brings The Power Of The Christ Embassy To Zimbabwe

Across Zimbabwe the followers of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome have been coming together at a 60,000 seat stadium in Harare, Zimbabwe and in front of their television screens in a bid to get the best possible view of a service and communion event held in the coming days. The work of Pastor Chris has seen the religious teacher become a global force for good through his range of TV broadcasts, public appearances, and writings in the form of books and daily devotionals; the Pastor has become one of the most famous faces in the religious world because of his satellite television broadcasts that bring the power of the the Holy Spirit to people across the planet.

The global nature of the work of Pastor Oyakhilome has been pushed on much further than the satellite television channels the Christ Embassy operates to create programming with a strong following across the African continent and in the U.S. and U.K. As a religious leader, Chris Oyakhilome believes it is his mission to bring the Holy Spirit into the lives of his followers each and every day through the impressive daily devotionals series that have been developed over the years to see his publication become a bestseller translated into more than 800 languages across over 200 nations.

The Christ Embassy is the focus of much of the work of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome with a number of regular public appearances made by the religious leader that are publicized in advance to make sure as many individuals can tune in via television channels and Online streaming options that make it easy for every follower of the Christ Embassy to reach out and view the work of Pastor Chris. A large amount of excitement has been building in recent months after it was announce the Pastor would be making his way to Harare, Zimbabwe to provide a live event that would include communion to bring him closer to the people of this African nation. Excitement was built through the idea that Pastor Chris would not only lead the people of Zimbabwe through to greet the Holy Spirit, but that he is also planning to bring some form of news about the future of the nation to the people of the country.

For more than two weeks the advance party that always travel ahead and prepare the ground for the arrival of Pastor Oyakhilome, who is set to arrive the day before the live event, has been making sure every aspect of the event is perfect for those viewing by any possible way. Chris Oyakhilome hopes to make sure every aspect of the live event is perfect for the more than 100,000 citizens of Zimbabwe who had registered for the event and started gathering 24 hours before the gates opened to the stadium to secure the best possible positions. Others who wish to attend the event and have not registered have the option of arriving and being given free admission to one of the seven dedicated viewing areas that have been established around the stadium. The event looks set to be a success for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the Christ Embassy as excitement levels are reaching fever pitch in the days before the Pastor finally arrives.