Purple And Black Hair Colour Ideas To Amaze You

Yes, purple and black hair colours-they are delicious and exciting. If you thought the word delicious was the synonym of food, then you were wrong. Your tresses could be delicious when you opt for these purple and black hair colour ideas! There are many colours out there you can choose, but here we will show you the colours that will take your hair to the next higher level.

Purple is ridiculously gorgeous for your hair. In the ancient times, this brilliant colour was only sported by the wealthiest people, but now even the common man can afford it. You are not restricted to just one hue, a combination of purple and black gives you alluring results. Click to read more here.


  • 1. 6 Colourful Dreadlock


This haircut gives you an opportunity to enjoy the magic in dreads. Dreadlocks have continued to gain popularity among women.


  • 2. Purple And Blue


When you apply dye to your purple and bang blue, the results are unmatched. You will never give it up once you have done it. Still not believing? Give it a try and feel the impact yourself, cutie.


  • 3. Purple and Dark Hair Pixie


Tired of natural long dark hair? Pixie dyed in irregular purple is the best solution for you. It gives you a youthful look that is chic as well. Style the extended bang to the side, and you will be set to peek the world.


  • 4. Purple Violet


Sometimes you need the best colour to get that style you want. With this hairstyle, be sure you will get what you have been looking for. And because violet purple is just an imaginative and spiritual hue, it inspires you to get great high deals-success comes along with this style.


  • 5. Pale Purplish


Do you go to an office every day? Do you need to be a smart and decent staff? At the same time do you want to rock the world of purple shade? Well, this pale purplish colour could be your solution.


  • 6. Brown to Purple Balayage


Purple and black hair colour is a beautiful colour combination. No one denies that. But sometimes choosing to experiment with different colours is a fascinating thing. You can select different colours such as browns and purples and see how they rock you. You can also go for different lengths, long, medium or short. To rock this haircut, have the roots dyed in brown and end in purple.


  • 7. Purple to Peacock


It is not a straightforward thing to be stylish with hairstyles especially if you are looking for less time-consuming and inexpensive styles. However, this haircut offers you these two advantages. Just wash your hair, don’t have to wait for it to dry, dye it with your favourite purple and peacock. There you have a fabulous style.


  • 8. Purple Weave


This is a haircut that every lady want to copy. It is elegant and stylish at the same time.