Ten insanely cool ways for men to wear Tshirts

A t shirt might be a casual piece of clothing, but it certainly can make a style statement if worn in different stylish ways. If till today you just thought that a t shirt is all about teaming it up with a cool pair of jeans, then you have been living under a rock. There is so much you can do with just a t-shirt can transform yourself into a fashion junkie.

Here are some uber cool ways in which you can carry off your T-shirt and make a style statement:

1. Tee+Open Shirt+Jeans

Layering has become a trend these days and what is better than combining your favourite t-shirt with an open denim or chequered shirt along with jeans and sneakers. The entire look of this assembly is relaxed and cool, certainly perfect for summer months.

2. Tucked tee+Trousers

Take up a crew neck t-shirt and tuck in it slim-fit trousers. Complete the look with sneakers and neutral colored worker’s jacket. Tapered trousers would also work well for this look if you are not up for relaxed fit ones.

3. Tee+Selvedge Jeans

Pick up an oversized tee and wear it with a pair of selvedge jeans if you are feeling contemporary and need something more modern and chic at the same time.

4. Tee+ Leather Jacket

Leather biker jackets give a more masculine look and often go well with the monochrome tones depending on the color of the leather. This particular look has been a classic since times immemorial and will never fade away. You can go for this look when you are heading for a party or during a lunch date.

5. Tee+Blazer

Who knew that t-shirts can be worn to achieve a comfortable yet formal look? A V-neck or a crew neck tee would look perfect with a chequered and lightweight blazer and a pair of jeans. Moreover, you can team up the same along with sneakers and there would be no one smarter than you in the room.

6. Tee+Camel Overcoat

A camel overcoat is usually available in shades of brown and can be carried off with classic black jeans along with a T-shirt to complete the look.

7. Black trousers+tee+bomber jacket

Bomber jackets, when worn with t-shirts, give a sportier look. Also, teaming them up with black trousers will highlight your physique and give you a more structured appearance. Wear loafers or black trainers to complete this look.

8. Printed pants+Tee

To achieve this look, choose a T-shirt in a single tone colour and go for printed pants along with sneakers. You can opt for a square-shouldered t-shirt and leave it untucked with the pants. Sneakers would be perfect to complete this look.

9. Tee+Denim Jacket+Contrast Jeans

This is one of the most classic and contemporary combinations that you can opt for. A denim jacket along with a contrast-coloured jeans is all you need to achieve this look. For instance, a blue jacket with black jeans would go well.

10. Printed Tee+Jeans

Well, the simplest of all and best when you are in a hurry. Just pick up for favourite graphics or logo shirt and wear it with your favourite pair of jeans and sneakers if you are heading out for a casual outing.

Style your t-shirt according to your mood as it is so much you can do with this casual and comfortable piece of clothing. T-shirts are the life of the summer and if you are looking to do something different and wear the casual look in a slightly quirky manner, then these ten cool styling tips would surely be your rescue.