The best ways to roll up your shirt sleeves

A classic or modern long-sleeved shirt is great to wear in business and formal situations, as well as for keeping warm. However, there might be situations when you need to roll up those sleeves. Here we’ll look at why sleeve-rolling is popular and the ways in which to do it effectively.

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Roll up and get ready

Long-sleeved shirts can get shortened for any number of reasons. It could be a warm day and you need more fresh air on your forearms in order to keep cool. You could be in a situation where there’s a risk of getting the cuffs dirty, which means more work at the laundry. Perhaps you’re looking for a more informal look to feel more comfortable in a certain situation.

Slip on any of your good-looking Farah Shirts and let’s take a look at the way to roll up those sleeves while maintaining a slick, well-groomed look.

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The how-to on roll-ups

There are three main ways to turn up shirt sleeves.

First, there’s the classic turn-up, where the cuff and gauntlets are unbuttoned. Turn the cuff back so that it’s inside out and keep on rolling, using the cuff to set the width of your turn-up. Usually, if you’re taking part in physical labour, the sleeve can be rolled all the way past the elbow to keep the sleeve out of the way, but it usually stops before the elbow.

Second, there’s the casual forearm roll. Follow the same steps as the classic turn-up, but only fold back the sleeve once more after the initial roll of the cuff. Tuck in the ends of the cuff to make it look neat.

Finally, there’s the more showy master roll. Begin as above, but this time take the cuff back to the elbow so that it is the actual inside of the shirt sleeve you roll. This leaves the cuff on show and looks great when it’s a contrasting material.

Make sure you have some quality shirts to wear, such as those at and check out The Art of Manliness for some detailed images on how to achieve these looks.

Follow this useful guide and when it’s time to roll up your shirt sleeves, you will definitely be ready for action.