The latest churidar neck designs for 2017

The new year brings new and wonderful churidar neck designs. Each year we find more and more local design bringing new talents with fresh looks.  If you missed our previous article on Couture HSY Eid Collection, click here.

The newest churidar neck designs

Churidars have been worn for decades by Indian and Pakistani women. Not only in India and Pakistan, but around the world too. Women love to dress up and fancy churidars are always appreciated. A churidar is a long frock with a wide dress style. It’s like an umbrella style frock. They can be worn for weddings and by ladies or any ages. It’s mostly worn on special occasions because of its exquisite design. Churidar designs which are different and unique are hard to find, since the general cut of a churidar stays the same. It’s not like a pair of jeans which comes in different cuts. However, the churidar neckline is something which can be used to create the unique variation. We have put a lot of thought into the churidar neck designs which you would probably like to see. We have them listed below in various categories for you to view at your leasure.

Different churidar neck designs for 2017

I know we are focusing on churidar neck designs, but I came across some amazing kurta designs as well and thought of combining the kurta neck design with the churidar. This is especially helpful when customizing or designing your own churidar for special occasions. Ladies like looking different and would die if they are seen in the same churidar as the next person. Generally in retailers, you will find the exact same churidar design in multiple sizes. You can effortlessly change the design by adjusting the neckline to be more interesting or simpler, depending on your personal taste. I have added some designs which are not Islamic but I loved the embroidery on it and just felt like sharing it. They are sheer designs and can easily be transformed to Islamic wear by adding inserts of additional fabric. This method has been used a lot on western dresses when we want them to be more Islamic and modest. Let’s have  a look at some amazing neckline designs for churidar.

Images of amazing churidaar neck designs for 2017

These are the simplest churidaar neckline designs. If you wear churidaars everyday then you would want a simple design. These are perfect.

A contrasting coloured border is exactly what you need to grab the limelight for special occasions. I do like the way it looks.

This is the best neckline for churidaar I think. Especially since it has a high neckline. You can wear your hijab to the back with matching jewellery while dressing in a modest way too.

I made use of this neckline before. It is a different look which I hardly see being worn. I used it on a dress with the same colours as above.