Three Reasons Men Still Prefer Classic Watches

There is no doubt that men love electronics. From video games to drones to the latest and greatest smart phones, men and gadgets go together like hand and smart glove made of high tech fibers. But just because men love all things electronic, doesn’t mean they don’t also have a love of the classic and iconic. From the classic Rolex Oyster Royal to the Omega Speedmaster, men will always have a soft spot for classic watches. Here are 3 reasons why. 

1. They love to be prepared 

There is a reason the character of James Bond has endured for more than half a century now. Just because your gamer boyfriend never gets off his couch doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the idea of being ready to parachute out of a plane in the middle of the night before snorkeling to a deserted island to live on his wits alone while single-handedly thwarting evil. Particularly if there is a grateful maiden at the end to show her appreciation. Unlike smart watches that you have to tap or touch to operate, classic watches like field, diver or aviator watches offer a wide range of dials, knobs, buttons, bells and whistles that make them feel prepared for any adventure or task. 

2. They remind them of a simpler time 

The truth is, being a man has never been easy. From caveman days when there were no hospitals but plenty of man-eating beasts roaming the earth to a time when gender norms were far more rigidly defined, being a man has always been hard. That doesn’t mean, however, that he doesn’t long for a simpler time. In the 21st century when men are expected to be men but still share their feelings, it can be easy to romanticize a time when men got to just be men – no feelings involved. A classic gentleman’s dress watch can call to mind a time when gentlemen wore hats and ladies wore dresses. It may not actually have been any simpler, but a man can always dream. 

3. They will always be DIY at heart 

Classic watches don’t have complicated electronics and digital interfaces – much like classic cars. Even if your man wouldn’t know a dipstick from a carburetor doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the idea of being able to change his own oil or build his own house. While your man may spend his days behind a desk, the heart a man will almost always long to use his hands to build and create. Granted, he might not last even a day in such a profession, that doesn’t mean he can’t spend some time daydreaming about greener grass. Classic watches hearken back to a time of gears and sprockets and sockets all locking together to create mechanical perfection. 

As the old saying goes, boys will always be boys. Being a man in the 21st century can be challenging, and sometimes a classic watch can be a pleasant escape. While your man may love all the bells and whistles of a smart watch, that doesn’t mean he can’t also love the simpler luxury of a classic time piece.