Tips On Choosing the Right Shoes

Sports activity is one of the healthy lifestyle that needs to be applied everyday. To get maximum benefit and prevent injury, it takes the right sports shoes.

The error of choosing a shoe that causes a mismatch with sports activities can lead to a variety of complaints. Starting from blisters, shin splints, pain in the achilles tendon at the back of the foot (achilles tendonitis), back pain, knee pain, and hip pain.

According to the needs

Sports performed three or more times per week, requiring special shoes. There are several categories of sports shoes, ie walking shoes, running shoes, and sports field shoes. In addition there are shoes for outdoor sports and other special sports activities.

Here are the most common sports shoes to use, among others:

Tips on Buying Shoes

Before deciding to buy sports shoes, consider the following:

– When buying shoes by online, buy shoes at a reliable/trusted store like sepatu laki laki. These stores usually have staff already trained on shoes that suit your needs.

– Buy shoes at the max foot size, ie late in the evening or shortly after you exercise.
Do not believe the assumption of shoes will be more comfortable after use. Shoes should be comfortable from the first use. Use shoes to move before buying.

– Bring socks from the house you normally use. If you are used to wear other equipment, wear also with shoes.

– Avoid shoes that fit too. Between shoes and fingers there should be a space of about 1 cm.

– The heel with the shoe firmly attached. Do not choose shoes that feel loose in the heel.

– There are types of shoes that can be used for multiple activities at once, but if you do one type of exercise more than three times each week, consider buying special shoes.

Please note that sports shoes have a lifetime. After 300 hours of aerobic exercise or about 480-800 kilometers to run, usually the inside of the shoe is already decreasing quality.
So do not be too affectionate with shoes. If you regularly exercise, then note also the endurance of your shoes. Brands and prices do not become a benchmark, but the suitability of the feet and activity is paramount.