Top Salwar Kameez Varieties Women Swear By

Salwar kameez is something an Indian woman swears by. If not regularly, women in India love to show up in salwar kameez on important occasions like weddings and parties. If you are not a salwar kameez person but love this traditional wear, then below are some of the most popular salwar kameez varieties that you can try out-

1. The churidar variety– The churidar is basically a bottom wear. And because the bottom of these pants gets folded upon wearing, a stacked-bangle like pattern appears around the ankle area. And that is why these pants are called churidars; ‘Chudi’ in Hindi means bangles. So, when a salwar kameez set comes with a churidar salwar, it is called a churidar salwar kameez. This is quite a popular variety of salwar suits, and women across India fondly wear it. Although newer styles have begun to take over this variety of salwar kameez, it still has its charm intact. What we love about this variety is that it is extremely feminine, and makes a woman look more elegant than ever. If you are looking for some good churidars, you can always visit

2. The charming Anarkali– Anarkali salwar suits were a popular clothing option during the rule of Mughals. Royal women used to dress themselves up in Anarkalis. And that is probably the reason why Anarkali salwar kameez looks so elegant. Besides, it adds that much desired royal touch to the wearer’s getup. Anarkali suits generally have a body hugging salwar that clings to the legs and a top that fits the body up until the waist, and then flares out into a beautiful flowy skirt below. The combo looks so amazing that there is perhaps a woman in India who hasn’t tried out this variety of salwar kameez. What makes this style all the more exotic is the use of intricate embroidered designs on most of the Anarkali suit sets found in the market. If you want some really good collection of Anarkalis, then visit

3. The Patiala style– This variety is overly popular, and women not just from Patiala, but every nook and corner of India love this variety of salwar kameez. The beauty of this variety lies in its bottom wear, which is sewn pretty differently from other salwar varieties. Looking at a Patiala pant, you will see a lot of pleats. Yes, Patiala pants are highly pleated and are often baggy in nature. The only two regions where this pant tapers or clings to the body are the waist and the ankles. The kameez is generally short, and doesn’t go beyond the knees. With so many colours and designs available in the market, you can pick what suits you the best.

4. With wide legged salwar– There is one more variety of salwar kameez where the kameez is slightly longer than usual, and the salwar is wide legged. This is the latest trend of salwar kameez in the market. And starting from celebrities to the common woman, everyone seems to be head over heels in love with this variety. The best thing about this variety is that you don’t need a dupatta for it. Generally, the kameez comes in layers, so the need for dupatta gets dismissed.

You can choose any of these varieties, and shine like a diva!