Why Invest in a Dime Bags Backpack?

There are plenty of backpack brands on the market. Most are cheap and flimsy, which means they will barely last a school year. They have a large main compartment, a few smaller pockets, and nylon zippers. They are inexpensive, but customers do get what they pay for in the case of backpacks. Kids are rough on backpacks so purchasing a cheap one will not be cost-effective. Replacing a cheap one is more expensive than purchasing a sturdy one that will last. There are a few manufacturers that produce high-quality and sturdy backpacks that will lasts for years. LLBean, for example, is known for heavy fabric, long lasting backpacks that have a lifetime warranty.

Another manufacturer that makes a high-quality product is Dime Bags Backpack. The wide variety of backpacks, bags, totes, and accessories are made of a blend of hemp and recycled polyester, referred to as “Hempster”. That makes them environmentally friendly, sturdy, and build to last. The blend also allows for a variety of color choices, such as magenta, forest, red, silver, midnight, and gray. This backpack includes special features that are not found in any other brand on the market. A secret stash pocket, for example, is in every type of bag sold. An odor-proof, reinforced pouch with a locking zipper is also located somewhere in each bag. In addition to backpacks, computer bags, skater bags, wallets, and roller bags are also available.

There is even a line that is completely smell-proof. A carbon lining is used to prevent any odors from leaking from the bag. When the lining needs to be refreshed, owners can just put it in the dryer on low heat for ten minutes. Padded bags are also offered in a ten inch duffle tube, a padded pouch, and a “rollie” pouch with a hidden rolling tray inside. Bags are designed to provide privacy and security. Kid’s Club bags, clutches, handbags, and travel bags are available and convenient. Customers are encouraged to purchase bags locally, and a store locator is available on the website to help facilitate that practice. Bags can also be ordered online at the website, in case there are no stores near you that carry these bags.