You Were Designed Unique, Your Clothing Should Be Too

A suit is an item of clothing that speaks volumes about a man’s style and taste. It can reveal his favorite color, whether he is more traditional or a casual, as well as make him stand out in a sea of cookie cutter suit designs.

Called made to measure or custom made, custom suits are articles of clothing, typically suits and sport coats, that are cut and designed to fit the person’s individual specific body measurements. Once measurements are recorded, a base pattern is selected that best align with taken measurements and altered. to an exact fit. Although more extensive than ready to wear off the rack suits, with prices bring around 15% higher than made to order garments, made to order items feature an array of benefits to those who have the desire to step into this couture fashion. Benefits include having a suit or garment that is especially designed with every aspect of the customer’s body in mind, including height, weight, and other details. The customer also has the opportunity to customize the garment, selecting colors, patterns, and designs that best represent the client’s fashion interests. 

Once choices are made, custom made items can take a few weeks to construct and delivered. Unlike garments that are purchased in stores without any communication with the designer, clients who purchase made to order items have firsthand interactions with designers who also have the ability to travel to clients who maybe international. This personal interaction allows for clients to select from an array of quality materials, something that is not always expected when purchasing items directly from stores. To save on the costs associated with making suits and other corporate items, some manufactures select poor quality materials, something that is out of the hands of those who purchase the items. Made to order designers, or custom tailors, usually come with high reputations from years of experience, as well as possess great relationships with textile manufacturers whom they have known throughout their careers. With made to order items available in suits, ties, shirts, and sports coats, clients with a high interest in such services are encouraged to do research for best selections via and other reputable websites. 

Additionally, made to order items allow clients to select their styles without limitations. Customers can choose to add one pocket or five to their suit, and other design factors such as fabric, button design, lapels color, custom suit liners, etc. Custom suits have been a big time saver too, limiting drives going from store to store or searching unless racks of clothing for the perfect item. From fabric selection to fit, the made to order process usually takes less than a week to complete. Lastly, custom made items will provide individuals with personally styled professional clothing that will sustain its substance for years to come, lasting much longer than a mass manufactured item. Due to these factors individuals should take the leap into custom made clothing with it being well worth the money.